About the man

The manwith3heads is Mark Johnson. He is passionate about the need for organisations to be clear about their brand, their value proposition and their competitive advantage. Mark’s three core disciplines are: stakeholder research, brand & communications planning, and well-crafted messaging.

Commercially focused DNA

Mark is a disciplined thinker and problem-solver, addicted to delivering clarity and commercial results. He has worked with some of the most demanding agencies in London as a brand strategist and communications planner.

In 2003, he left a full time Strategy Director role at M&C Saatchi. He set up manwith3heads as a hybrid communications planning practice, blending work with agency teams alongside direct engagements with clients.

Unusually, Mark enjoys going beyond the strategic planning phase to deliver copy for use in all media, from digital to print and including live speeches.

International experience

The manwith3heads works for SMEs in the UK and Europe, and partners with creative agencies of all sizes.

Projects with multinational clients have led to exposure to a wide range of markets. Mark was in Romania helping RBS to rebrand ABN AMRO when the financial crisis struck in 2008. Work with a Big Four Firm has taken him to most of the Northern Hemisphere. He has worked with Capgemini in the USA, with a Grocery Conglomerate in the UAE and with a Fund Manager in East Africa.

He has also worked in Berlin with retail start-up funded by a major German investment consortium, as well as with a Californian legal-finance firm reviewing its brand and strategic messaging.