Background: The CV

After graduating from Oxford University in English Literature, manwith3heads began his career as a mono-header, working as a copywriter and then as a BBC script writer.  

Later, moving to the brand experience agency, Imagination, his role combined communications planning and creative direction.

In 1995, in this two-headed guise, he helped to found In Real Life, an HHCL subsidiary specialising in design, brand & identity development and live marketing. 

In 1999, he joined Circus as a brand consultant. Here, his heads evolved into the three on offer today: research, planning and writing.

In 2001, he became Strategy Director for M&C Saatchi’s direct & digital arm, LIDA. In late 2003, he resolved to come out of the agency closet, and market his three heads with pride.

All three heads have had a part to play since, working in a variety of roles, according the needs of the client or agency team.