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No agreement on Holidays and Email

Shock horror. You don’t all agree !!! Further to my blog published in the Silly Season, about emails and holidays: It is clear from the various responses that there is a huge variety of opinion on this subject. Some claimed to ignore emails completely while on holiday.  Others thought that the question was silly: of course they checked their mails, regularly, every day, holiday or no holiday. My own experience was that I did end...

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Holidays and email – what’s going on?

I have been trying to find out how many people have a holiday in which they remain out of contact with their office. In which, in short, they resist checking their email. Back in 2015 The Daily Mail reported that one in three of us check our work email every day when we are on holiday. As that article highlights, this may be entirely voluntary.  As in: some of us...

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We have a fourth head !

Just in case our big budget, national TV launch hasn’t reached you: our sister brand, Headthink, is now alive and kicking.  Kicking is the right word. Here is a clue to our latest article, which you will find on our shiny, new site: Headthink was set up to offer Thought Leadership services. And to give me an excuse to write about things that are bugging me. Do take a look around...

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Two ways that Brexit will change business messaging

Whichever way you voted on June 23rd, the result will affect your business messaging. In at least two ways. First, we are heading into an economic downturn. When the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, tells the party faithful that the future will be “turbulent” and “daunting” he is probably not exaggerating. Yes, he mentions fiscal stimulus, via investment in UK infrastructure. But 2017 still looks like being a tough year. So, if...

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Project Fact – comes after the fact

I’ve just been re-reading my previous blog post.  I think I underplayed my concerns about the absence of facts in the campaigning that has led to Brexit.  Project Fear was a disastrous strategic and tactical miscalculation.  The effect of engaging a scare-mongering tone was (for Cameron and others) to become the Boys Who Cried Wolf.  Not enough people took the Remain Camp seriously, because they were not rigorous enough in...

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Brexit: in praise of Wikipedia (BBC beware)

So, the other day, I was listening to Radio 4 covering “The Brexit Debate”. Topic of the day was whether or not we should worry about Turkey joining the EU. A Steadfast Remainer reassured us that we need not worry, as we can block Turkey’s membership at any point. A Vote Leave interviewee said the opposite. The BBC interviewer (I think it was Nick Robinson) made no comment or intervention...

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Christmas Advertising German-style

Once upon a time in Adland, Christmas Advertising only showed red-faced, jolly old people, many of whom were called Santa. If they had white hair, it was in the form of a dubious wig, which was attached to a dodgy white beard, which was all self-consciously part of a silly costume. We were all in on the gag. And we all played along. Not much thinking required. This year –...

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Relaunching FIFA: can it be done?

FIFA’s website says that its goal is: “the constant improvement of football”. On the site, there’s a fair bit of self-congratulatory copy about making the game more global, and about helping young, disadvantaged people to play in an environment without prejudice. There is less copy about helping old, highly privileged people to line their pockets while bringing these other good things about. But maybe the copywriter didn’t get briefed on that part....

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Politics, Creativity, Miliband and the Blink Test

It turns out that politics is not unlike creative direction. Great Creative Directors are great, not just for the work that they do, but also for the work that they don’t let out of the door.  They have a sixth sense about work that won’t fly. As Malcolm Gladwell might have put it: they only have to blink at a bad idea, and they can see that it is bad....

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Twitter & Pretend Democracy

Following the Jeremy Clarkson Saga, I did think of writing a little blog about him.  In this imaginary blog, I was going to dare to consider that maybe, just maybe, his departure was not a Major Tragedy.  The draft was funnier than that, of course.  But, as I read it over, and showed it to some passing and amused chums, I remembered that Trolls do exist, and thought better of...

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