Google Glasses and my Ladbrokes APP

I usually have a view on technology. As soon as I saw my first Sony Walkman, I was convinced it would be a game-changing hit. Same with my first iPOD. Same with my MacBook Air. Same with SONOS and Spotify – especially combined. But when I saw 3DTV a few years ago, I felt guilty that I wasn’t impressed. I’m still not. And nor are most other people. Is it those silly glasses?  Or the fact that 3D in your lounge is just not much of a value-add?  Who needs it?

So: Google Glasses.  As a Ladbrokes account holder, I always say that I won’t bet on a football match that I don’t have a view on. And the same seems to apply to Google Glasses. Will people really prefer to wear glasses rather than – say – looking at a watch, or grabbing a handy phone?  Will they really want an obstruction rather than a tool?  I can imagine a few killer apps (cycling maps, ski-routes off piste), but I’m struggling to imagine it for everyday media usage.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 11.21.30

Meanwhile, Google is a little worried itself, I suspect. Worried enough to involve Luxottica, Ray-Ban and Oakley to pretty-up the device.  And to make Google Glasses more cool. It may work.  Who knows?

So, back to my Ladbrokes bet on Google Glasses: I guess my money is on nil nil at full time, and the need for plenty of extra time before anybody scores.