On being in love with Guinness

I’ve been drinking Guinness for years. For too many years. Many moons ago, drinking Guinness was all about Aran Jumpers, the glow of log fires and Irish accents. At the time, I recall exaggerating my Irish Ancestry (I am 3/8th Irish, so my Mother tells me) just to feel closer to the Guinness Brand. I wore an Aran jumper. I sought out log fires.  I grew floppy hair, and tried to look as carefree and Gaelic as possible.

Over the years, Guinness has been forced to move towards a more cosmopolitan, urban, international brand image.  Maybe Ireland has gone out of fashion. Maybe other minorities are now in the ascendant. Whatever the reason, it all leads to this, their fantastic new 2014 ad set in The Congo, and featuring The Sapeurs:

So now I’m stuck. I absolutely love the ad. I absolutely love Guinness. And I love the Sapeurs and their oh-so-cool clothes. But I know when I’m beaten. My brand impersonation days are over. But what a great ad !!