Brand refreshment is probably overdue:

If you’ve ever delivered a brand refreshment project, you’ll know that such projects often begin long after a rethink was due:

What was agreed as core messaging only a couple of years ago is unlikely to have stood the test of time. Today, more than ever. Currently, even without a pandemic, there are so many seismic trends affecting major markets, that most organisations need to rethink their core messaging annually.

Refreshing the audiences you want to reach:

I’m currently working with a major manufacturing business. We’re reviewing how best to talk about their organisation and their offer. They’ve become larger, more international, and considerably more impacted by trends such as climate change, the diversity agenda and our ever-changing consumption habits.

This project has gone way beyond tweaking marketing messages. We are repositioning the entire business to ensure that they are in tune with their investors, their partners and their consumers.

Every sector needs refreshment:

The need to regularly refresh messaging holds true across all sectors, and across organisations of all sizes. Recently, I’ve been talking with a school, figuring out how best to talk about gender. Last year, I worked with an alcohol-free beer brand, reframing the conversation around a great night out. At the core, both projects are about refreshing messaging to stay relevant.

If you have a sneaking suspicion that your messaging is no longer refreshing the parts that it should, let’s talk.

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