Some projects call for in-depth consumer research. In which case, manwith3heads will manage the brief, the methodology, the discussion guide, recruitment, facilitation and the report back.

But not all projects require such depth.  

Often, what’s needed is a sense-check of existing intuition ahead of strategic or creative development. This is especially true in the business-to-business arena, where a small sample can deliver significant insights. This might mean making a few well-selected phone calls. It might mean desk research or internal research. It might mean retail visits, or interviews with investors or key trade partners.

Working with manwith3heads, such crucial research can be delivered in days rather than weeks.

“We worked with Mark on our direct to consumer strategy. From the outset he was insightful, clear-headed and hugely helpful to us, and - dare I say - changed many of our own previous views. Talk to him, and talk to him early about your next project."

David Harrison, Managing Partner

True Potential LLP