Social Media Backlash Now Real ?

I am meeting more and more people who used to be Social Media fans who are now trying to wean themselves into less digital interaction, seeking more head-space they can call their own. I gather that more and more people are trying to have Digital Free Weekends, or at least iPhone-free dinners.  (One friend tells me that they went to a business lunch recently, and everyone had to put their iPhones into the middle of the table – with the first one to touch theirs picking up the bill.  An idea that might catch on?)

Meanwhile, the Big Social Media brands have the opposite in mind. The news today that Twitter is now going live with a pay-by-tweet offer, partnering with French Bank Groupe BPCE is further confirmation (if confirmation were needed) that the brand has no intention of backing off into a quiet corner to intrude less. There are also reports that the whole point of separating Facebook Messaging as an App, was (is) as a Trojan Horse for a person-to-person payment system, controlled by Facebook. Let’s just say that many people will have mixed views on this.

I’m aware of the paradox here. I will promote this blog via social media. So who am I to throw stones? On the other hand, since trying out Digital Free Weekends for myself, all I can say is that less is more. Cards on the table: I hope there is a backlash gathering steam. I hope that we worry more about intrusion and privacy in the future. And that we all try speaking and meeting more, like what we did in the Old Days !