Blogging break – and what thieves really look like

I’m sorry to have let my imaginary Blogging Audience down.  All three of you have no doubt missed me.  But, I guess the rule is: blog if you have something to say.  I do now.

As this did grab me:

An APP on an iPhone that has actually taken a real, live picture of the person who stole the phone.

And then – and this is the clever bit –  emailed the picture to its erstwhile owner.  It’s as if the phone is phoning home and shrieking: “Help, help, set me free – a horrible, nasty, hairy villain has kidnapped me and is about to abuse me in ways that only other iPhones can imagine!”

Except (see the link): the great thing about this story is that the “thief” (I should say “alleged thief” just in case) looks very, very unlike what we’d like to imagine a thief to look like.  The actual image is Strangely Shocking.  “But she looks so nice!” I hear you cry.  Indeed she does “look” nice.  I hope she is the thief.  If not, she may have to take a very clever iPhone to court for slander.