Europe: something has to give

I am not saying anything (yet) about whether a possible referendum on membership of the EU is a good idea.  But I was struck by David Cameron’s analysis of the need for change.  Or, more accurately, I should say: I was struck by his cleverly diplomatic quoting of Angela Merkel:

“As  Chancellor  Merkel  has  said,  if  Europe  today  accounts  for  just  over  7%  of  the  world’s population,  produces  around  25%  of  global  GDP  and  has  to  finance  50%  of  global  social spending,  then  it’s  obvious  that  it  will  have  to  work  very  hard  to  maintain  its prosperity  and  way  of  life.”

You do the math, as they say across the pond.
Indeed.  I just did.  Something has to give.  Our children will not grow up in the Europe we know and half-love.