Well this is Mark, the manwith3heads. And this is my first ever blog posting. I’m an unashamed second-waver. I wait and watch technology, then I adopt it – to suit my own wicked ways.

I’ve been watching blogs for a bit. Like everything to do with the internet and marketing folk, the pace of take-up feels exaggerated by those who write about it – most of all in blogs. There are probably more conferences about blogs than people in marketing with blogs. I don’t actually know anyone (outside of the world of show-off planners) who has a blog and keeps it up to date. Do you?

That said, I have the sense that by the end of 2007, I’ll have persuaded at least 2.5 adults and 3.5 clients plus my kids and my Mum to start a blog. As for how quickly the novelty will wear off (for bloggers with no commercial angle) that’ll be one for 2008 and beyond. Pretty quickly, I suspect. Writing takes time.

Anyway, on the basis that a good 2.0 posting is one that gets people talking, please could you indulge this blogospherical virgin with your insights into the medium that I’ve dragged you into?

* Can you blog?
* Who do you know that writes a blog?
* What does this tell you about them?
* What makes a great blog? Or a crap one?
* Would you consider writing a blog yourself? If not why not?

To join in, you have to click on the “COMMENTS” link just below my name and e-mail address. You don’t need a google account. Just select “Other” and call yourself what you like.

Now let’s see if this blogosphere stuff works. I’ll let you know what I find out anon. Thanks for your time…

Mark 😉