In praise of: UPS and SONOS

Wow !!  Wow !!!

So my Sonos audio unit goes wrong. And I call the helpline, ready for the usual grief and labyrythine muddle. But no. They answer AT ONCE. They are friendly. They diagnose the problem AT ONCE over the phone and via the internet. They offer me a replacement AT ONCE.

I get an email explaining that a UPS free label will arrive by email. IT DOES. I package up the old unit and order a UPS pick up at 09.20 this morning. They say it will arrive today. IT DOES. At 10.50. I am stunned. Really. I can imagine talking about this experience for a very long time.

And what’s even more amazing is that it involved TWO BRANDS WORKING TOGETHER to create a fabulous customer experience.

This is what well-run companies are run like. Pass it on.