John Lennon and Flexibility

I’m half-wondering if blogging on a website is going out of fashion.  But maybe blogging is a way to try to Take Back Control in these strange and anxiety-provoking times.

The truth is, though, that we have no control.

The recent virus outbreak, and the accompanying economic contagion, reminds us all of that timeless John Lennon quote: that “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”.  The perfect description of 2020 so far.  This will be a year when the highly-adaptable and the super-flexible will do better than those who stick doggedly to Plan A.

Many of the plans that I had laid down a couple of weeks ago are now changing, or will have to change.  So, being flexible is turning out to be a valuable personal and business trait.  My work involves helping organisations to be clearer about their competitive advantage.  In 2020, many organisations will need to adapt their market-facing messaging.  Already, I’m helping clients in affected sectors to adapt what they say, and how. We’re having to adapt. We’re having to be flexible.

John Lennon’s quote has always been true. It just turns out to be more true in 2020.

I’d be interested in anyone’s thoughts on how to keep planning in a world where plans can quickly go out of date.

Tips anyone?