I promised that I would try to find out something about blogging and report back. Here goes:

1. Blogging is a minority sport (despite all the noise).

2. It is increasingly decoded as 21st century narcissism by the non-blogging majority.

3. The right visuals & well-chosen wit can mitigate this view.

4. A blog without comments is not a blog (it’s a me-me-me diary in disguise)

5. Some”famous” bloggers who blog super-regularly often get no comments back AT ALL. (Do they then count this as a blog?)

6. Provoking comment isn’t easy.

You can prove point 6 right, by not commenting. Or not. The learning-adventure continues…

Mark 😉

PS: to “comment” click on the link below this message. Google account not needed. Just select “other” when asked.