LinkedIn as a way into Africa

So: it’s the day after Boxing Day 2011, and a very unusual LinkedIn message arrives from my old friend Phil Goodwin asking me simply: “Would you like to help market my business?”

Over a year later, this brief message has led to dinners, workshops and a deep involvement with a fascinating financial services business called Fusion based in East Africa.  15 months on, we’ve created a family of three new brands, a raft of new photographic imagery and are ready to expand a genuinely unique business across the region.  There’s a facebook page if you’d like to like us, and a twitter feed that had its first outing yesterday.  Feel free to follow what will be an interesting journey – especially if you are interested in investing in the region.

Better still, the business has ethics, and supports an NGO which delivers a crucial feeding programme in Kibera.  So, an interesting few months, working in a part of the world that is vibrant, welcoming and slightly intoxicating in its energy.

All from an eight word message on LinkedIn.  Gateway to everywhere, it seems.