Mark & Evan Love Tax (less so Ed Balls)

It has been fascinating listening to the highly approachable Evan Davies educating us all about our tax system. Especially right now, given where we are in the tax and spend debate.

As regular readers and friends may be aware, like Evan, I too “love tax”. Having worked with one of the Big Four Firms to deliver a number of international Tax Summits lately, I’ve become unexpectedly fascinated by a subject that is at the epicentre of politics, economics, criminality and human behaviour.

This morning’s episode of “Evan Loves Tax” was especially insightful regarding the way that tax is about COMMUNICATIONS as much as policy. Evan was strong on the whole subject of “signals” sent by tax changes, and had a number of anecdotes to tell about tax banana skins, caused by lack of consideration of this aspect of tax. HMRC take note!

Ed Balls was interviewed and was fairly off-guard: owning up for the second day running to his Machiavellian streak. Does anybody actually like or believe Ed? Who would vote for him? Anyway I digress. And Evan, if you are reading this, I hope to work with you soon!

Anybody else listened to this excellent programme, by the way? Just click COMMENTS below. And do leave your name, it adds to the spice…