Mary Portas gets my vote – for a change

I’m not usually a Mary Portas fan.  Perhaps it’s the way she harangues innocent businessfolk making mediocre profits and unattractive cakes.  Perhaps it’s the hair.  Or the voice.  But: I like what she is trying to do right now. 

Having been in a million and one meetings this year in which everybody has been talking things DOWN, it was mighty refreshing to hear her (on Radio 4 this morning) talking things UP.

Saving the High Street is a Big Ask.  But every little helps.  And Mary Portas is doing her bit.   And her suggestions, which she calls “visionary” are (in fact) very down-to-earth and make a great deal of sense.   Worth a read: Here

So: over the festive season, maybe we could all try to talk things UP a little more.   Armageddon is not 100% inevitable – is it?