Nike: not quite the zeitgeist

Nike’s immensely expensive and very impressive 5 minute cartoon for the World Cup is sweet – and perfectly on brand. Anyone who has ever tried (even a little bit) at any sport knows that you do have to “Risk Everything” if you want to be a Great Player. It’s a fabulous strategy. See film:

My quibble is less about brand strategy and more about current affairs. Watch the cartoon and ask yourself this: how many football fans are worried about perfect clones who can play better than risk-taking Footie Stars? Answer: nobody. Now ask yourself how many fans are worried about FIFA and its increasingly indefensible values – or lack of them? Answer: a fair few.

Real football fans wish that they didn’t have to conspire with the world of Blatter to see a great game on TV. That is the zeitgeist, and the first brand to dare shout it out will win a global stadium full of friends for life. Opportunity knocks. But for who?