No agreement on Holidays and Email

Shock horror. You don’t all agree !!!

Further to my blog published in the Silly Season, about emails and holidays:

It is clear from the various responses that there is a huge variety of opinion on this subject. Some claimed to ignore emails completely while on holiday.  Others thought that the question was silly: of course they checked their mails, regularly, every day, holiday or no holiday.

My own experience was that I did end up checking mails just once a day, if only to stop them building up into an avalanche. But, in terms of social media, generally: Lisa and I took the Facebook app off our phones for our summer road trip. To avoid general social media noise. Two months on, this app is still not reinstalled on our iPhones. And we seem not to know (or care much) about what is going on, on Facebook.  We gave up smoking by throwing away the packet, maybe?

As for work emails: I have no easy solution. I do feel the need to check them. And I did. With a heavy heart. I am, it seems a Reluctant Remainer when it comes to keeping in touch with work. Maybe next year, I will be Braver.

Thanks to all who contributed to the holiday emails debate. Genuinely interesting. May re-run something similar next year.

Any new thoughts anyone?