No email love allowed at work: very dangerous

So today the FT has an article all about a frightfully worrying boss who signs off an email with “lots of love”.  OK, so that’s not done.  Not wise.  It’s asking for trouble from the HR Police – or maybe even the Real Police, come to think of it.

But in the article (which is in the form a problem posed by the recipient of all that workplace love), the suggested solution is that you don’t sign off at all.  Why? Because “This is always the best, quickest and safest way of ending emails to colleagues”.  How sad is this?  Safety first says:  just end your email.  Suddenly.  Like this.

Personal view: I don’t like emails that have no proper salutation or sign off.  How long does it take to begin with “Hi Bill” or “Hello Doris”?  And how long does it take to sign off with something human?

This long.

See you soon…