Starting a Hash-Tag Craze (or not)

As promised, having tried, and failed miserably, to start a Major Twitter Hash-Tag Craze (#meinonetweet), here are some key conclusions:

Learning One: most hash-tag crazes (as in big trends) are very, very rude or about truly outrageous or worldwide events.  My idea (your CV in one tweet) was too pleasant and unexciting to catch on, it seems.

Learning Two: if you don’t have famous friends, or hundreds of followers (on both scores, I’m clearly a Twitter Lightweight) it’s tough to seed an idea – even if it’s as fabulously useful as the one I came up with.

Learning Three: don’t give up.  I plan to try again with the possibly better-named #cvin1tweet.  Watch that space.  Or even join in.  There is already one CV up there!  So don’t be shy.


PS: thanks most of all to all who tried, and failed, to launch #meinonetweet.  Your pioneering spirit will be remembered – at least by me.