Three-headed thanks

Right now, thanking everyone who has helped to keep the three heads busy feels important. So, if what follows feels a bit like an Oscar Acceptance speech, do bear with me!

But, before the thanks, a couple of quick observations:

It’s a good time to review and rethink

Right now turns out to be an excellent time for brand development, strategic reviews and stakeholder research. Everyone is in. There is plenty of time to think and reflect. Anything is possible.

Creativity and flexibility are key

What we all need most right now – in so many ways – is creativity, imagination and flexibility.  Ideas are still the primary currency. Clear propositions and messages still matter. But processes are having to flex, along with budgets and timescales.  I’ve had to radically rethink my service offer and way of working. Big thanks to those who helped to fuel this rethink, and the creation of a working week that now looks something like this:

Maybe you are facing similar challenges. In which case, I’d be happy to help as you rethink your brand, your proposition or your communications.

But, back to the list of thanks:

Bad news kindly delivered

Thanks to those who had to carry bad news, as all our international and UK-wide projects were cancelled in mid-March. You remained considerate throughout, and have called up or mailed since to check in. So thank you Julie, Chris, Wilbert, Jax, Sharon, Dilys, Richard, Naz and Brian.

Research & Messaging Reimagined

Thanks to Owen, Phil, James, Ian, Mike, Malcolm and Sarah who are bravely embarking on a project to relaunch an exciting fire-battling product. We met on Zoom and the whole project will live in Zoom. Thanks for your confidence and imagination.

Brand Development Reimagined

Thanks to Natalie, Felix, Charlie and Eddy for bravely going where no brand workshop has been before.  As I write this, we are in the middle of evolving an exciting zero alcohol brand. This brand can only get stronger. Working together, we have ensured that creativity and strategic thinking are alive and well, despite the fact that we have yet to meet.

Communications Reimagined

Thanks to Alex, Peter, Jackie and Matt who were open to the idea of Employee Communications Reimagined and Marketing Communications Reimagined. Together, we have tapped into the power of Microsoft Teams and online events to un-cancel key strategy updates and brand launches.  It seems that lock down can be battled and beaten. Thanks all.

I’ll end by thanking anyone who has ever worked with me. I hope that you are finding ways to flex your business model also. If I can help in any way, formally or informally, do call up.  I am in most days.

Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.