Video Nasties

I recently went to a great seminar at the IVCA run by Angela & Peter from Every Sense.  It was all about how to grow a creative business (so do call them if yours is withered or stunted). 

While there, the conversation got round to how the general trend for Joe Public to “have a go” at making a video is devaluing the offer of “proper” video production companies.  As in: driving prices down. 

I’m not sure about this.  In an ocean full of salty, evil-tasting water, he who knows where the Evian is stored is King.  Put another way: if you are a real video production company, who knows how to tell a story, or how to create a mood, the world remains your oyster, partly because there is so much rubbish out there.  As in: a whole web-full.    

Of course: you do then have to make sure that you explain to your clients that you sell Evian.  You have to make sure that you are clearly positioned as an expert communicator rather than the owner of a camera and an edit suite.  And you have to explain the difference between story-telling (a value proposition) and coverage (a commodity). 

Of which more anon.  Perhaps with contributions from others who were part of the debate on the night?