X Factor: where the real & the virtual collide

So imagine you are a real and highly talented singer called Gamu Nhengu.  You enter the X factor.  You can sing.  You give a great audition.  Then you pop off to Cheryl Cole’s “house” and fail to make the cut for the Final 12.  Cheryl (who can’t sing, and who is a fashion icon) fails to spot your talent, placing you behind two girls who can’t sing but who are – er – fashion icons.   

So it’s all over in the real world for Gamu.  But maybe it’s not.  Thanks to the virtual world otherwise known as The Internet, the public (who can spot a real singer when they hear one, even if Cheryl can’t) start to “vote” Gamu back in via virtual comments in a virtual space. 

Which, hopefully, will have a real and measurable impact on Gamu’s future.

Real world.  Virtual world.  It’s all one place, as far as I can make out.  Thoughts?