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You never know who’s watching

The thing about a blog linked to a website, is that you never know who is watching. Will anyone in Romania read this? Can anyone in the UK work out why I am mentioning Romania? Is there any point to this blog? Feel free to comment in whatever real or surreal way strikes you:

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Is anybody there?

Back in July 2007, I last wrote a blog (see below).Since then, the link to my blog has been available via my website. I have absolutely no evidence that anyone has ever read my blog since July 2007. I have absolutely no evidence that it is of any use. And yet, here in the midst of the credit crunch, with many better things to do, I persist, and have updated...

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I promised that I would try to find out something about blogging and report back. Here goes: 1. Blogging is a minority sport (despite all the noise). 2. It is increasingly decoded as 21st century narcissism by the non-blogging majority. 3. The right visuals & well-chosen wit can mitigate this view. 4. A blog without comments is not a blog (it’s a me-me-me diary in disguise) 5. Some”famous” bloggers who...

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Well this is Mark, the manwith3heads. And this is my first ever blog posting. I’m an unashamed second-waver. I wait and watch technology, then I adopt it – to suit my own wicked ways. I’ve been watching blogs for a bit. Like everything to do with the internet and marketing folk, the pace of take-up feels exaggerated by those who write about it – most of all in blogs. There...

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